What is Business Lending?

What is Business Lending?

Published on 2022-02-15

Category: Business Growth

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Businesses need capital to grow; to maintain their cash flow, they need funds from time to time. Any new business requires working capital to boost profitability and secure the smooth operation of business activities. From hiring new employees and buying new equipment to renting an office and advertising the business, every business owner needs financing for their venture.

Without funding in the company's initial phase, it is unlikely that the business will become successful. Now, not everyone has that kind of funds to start their business. Various financial players in the market finance your business. 

What is Business Lending?

In simple words, someone allows another person to borrow something from them. Financial lending means letting someone borrow anything with a monetary value; it can be anything like property, money or another asset. When someone lends another person money for business purposes, we call it business lending.

Most of the time, the borrower and the lender come to a mutual understanding of how the borrower would return the money. It can be either repaying the money with interest or returning the asset. In simple words, the lender gives the borrower a loan for their business which the borrower needs to settle within a limited period. 

Business lending helps various kinds of businesses; here are some examples of common uses for business loans:

Working capital loan

Working capital represents the gap between a business's current assets and current liabilities. Net working capital is the number of funds a firm has available to pay for its expenses in the short-term period. Sometimes, the company does not have any working capital available that's why they take a business loan to continue the cash flow in their company, called working capital flow. 

Commercial and Industrial loan

When a corporation or a business takes a loan from any financial institution against some collateral, it is called a Commercial and Industrial loan. The lender mostly asks for collateral as otherwise, it would be unsecured business lending. This loan is mainly provided as working capital or finance capital expenditure like buying any equipment or machinery. Usually, commercial and industrial loans are short term in nature.

Asset Financing

When a company uses its balance sheet assets like inventory, short-term investments and accounts receivable to borrow money from the market, it is called asset financing. Most companies opt for asset financing when they need a quick loan to fund any specific project, and they cannot wait to raise a fund from the market any other way. 

SME loan

To help small and medium enterprises grow, the financial institutes introduced SME lending. Australia is one country where the government encourages banks to give SME loans. Business owners can also apply for it online. SME lending seems to be very helpful for assisting small and medium businesses.

How can Business Lending help?

Whether you are a new business owner or you have been working for quite some time, you can understand the importance of taking a business loan in general. Not only do they help meet the working capital requirements, but they also help maintain the cash flow in your company when the amount of current liability is greater than the amount of current asset. Here are a few reasons why business lending is excellent for any business.


Business owners need various kinds of loans, some of them are long-term, and others are short-term, depending on the loan type and amount. Firms can take up loans from banks and other money lenders after calculating tenor. Business loans are mostly very flexible.

Affordable interest rate: 

The loan's interest rate primarily depends on the collateral, the tenor of the loan, and the creditworthiness of the borrower. If, as a business owner, you are taking the commercial real estate loan, then your interest rate would be low as the property you are building is already working as collateral. But in general, the interest rate of business loans are pretty affordable.

Convenient payment option: 

The banks and financial institutes want you to pay back your debt easily, so they offer various repayment options from which you can choose according to your convenience. 


When you look around for a business lender, remember a few things. Your business lender depends on the amount of money you want to borrow from any financial institute. What type of business you want to start determines what kind of loan you will get. There are various kinds of loans available all of them have different interest rates. Whether you need a startup loan to start a new company or an expansion loan for your existing company to grow also plays a huge role. Also, look for alternative business lending to expand your business, as traditional financial institutes can be pretty rigid sometimes.

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