How to opt for a business loan without exorbitant interest rates

How to opt for a business loan without exorbitant interest rates

Published on 2021-11-19

Category: Small Business Owners

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Businesses are working on strategies to enhance growth. They generally work around increased revenues. However, expansion plans also need a robust financial base. The company must formulate a robust market penetration strategy that can help them land an easy credit. However, there are several options available, and making a choice is difficult. We will discuss the factors to consider that will help you receive easy business loans.

The nature of your business

Lenders usually assess the nature of your business before extending fast finance. Some of the industries with high growth rates come under the priority sector. Lenders typically view these industries favourably as the chances of these businesses growing faster are high. You can discuss with the financial institution and check whether the industry you operate in is among their list of priority industries. The nature of your business and your revenues can also determine how easy it is to get a small business loan.

Assess the total pricing of the loan

Some business lenders take advantage ofsmall businesses as they know that these entities may face hardships in business and will need easy . They create loan programs that have several hidden costs. Moreover, these could be difficult for small business owners to identify. You can consider the services of experts who can recommend some of the easy business loans for your company.

Check the type of loan

Before you select a loan product, check the type of loan you are choosing. It may seem to you that a loan product that does not require you to provide any collateral may be suitable. However, the loan amount, the interest rates and the terms of the loan vary with each loan type. And based on your specific requirement, an expert might be able to suggest a suitable loan type for you. An unsecured business loan might be suitable for you incase you are looking for quick funds without providing any collateral or security. However, they often come with higher interest rates. A secured loan where you have to provide a collateral might be suited when you need a higher capital amount at a lower interst rate. Besides these, there are a few other types of loans which might be suited to your business need. Hence the best approach is always to speak to a business loan expert and decide on the type of loan.

Another factor to consider is whether the loan product lets you avail of a fixed or a variable rate. You can choose a fixed rate, as a slight increase in interest rate can lead to additional costs for your business. A low document loan is ideal for companies that may not have all the documentation needed to avail a business loan. Typically, you may need to provide adequate guarantees or sufficient security to avail of such loans.

Your credit scores

A high credit score can help your company to avail of a fast, small business loan. To ensure a higher credit score, you must repay your prevalent loans on time. Also, ensure timely payments of all EMIs. Your credit card payments must also be made on time. A good credit score is your avenue to lower business loan interest rates. It can also come with more straightforward repayment terms or a flexible tenure.

Do adequate research

You must research the easy business loans available from renowned and popular lenders. Go through the details of each loan product and understand the loan’s terms. Also, compare business loan interest rates against the loan tenure. Validate the total pay-out you must consider for each loan product. Take the help of experts to validate the lowest amount you must repay for the loans disbursed to you.


The needs of businesses may fluctuate over time. You may need additional resources for different reasons. However, you must always undertake adequate research into the loan products available before you. It will help you opt for business loans that will not drain your resources unnecessarily. You can reach out to the lending specialists at Capital Boost who can help you secure the right loan for your business.


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