How does collateral help with securing future financing options?

How does collateral help with securing future financing options?

Published on 2022-01-07

Category: Small Business Owners

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The global financial crisis in the late 2000s has led to several banking and financial services industry regulations. There is a focus on the quality of assets, leading to an increased need for adequate collaterals that help businesses secure the necessary funding. The primary role is to manage the borrower's credit risk and help to have timely protection in the unfortunate event of a default.

The collaterals are required on specific types of loans when the creditworthiness of the borrowing entity, the loan amount, and other factors pose a risk to the lender. When you provide security for a business loan, you can also take the benefits of borrowing a higher amount at lower interest rates. A secure business loan requires an asset to be provided as security, like your inventory, property, accounts receivables, etc. There could be a need for additional documents and value assessments.

Types of security for business loan:

Property as security:

Your property can be used as security for a business loan, but you must know its worth first. You must provide adequate information about the property to the lender. In some cases, the lender might have their own evaluation process for assessing the value of the collateral.

Machinery and equipment:

High-value machinery can also be used as one of the business loan security options. You may deploy an independent consultant to validate its market rate. Business vehicles can also be used as security.

Accounts receivable and inventory:

Lenders can also accept your inventory and accounts receivable as collateral. Always have the valuation ready before approaching a lender. Invoice finance can also be an alternative for lenders.

How does collateral as security for business loan help?

Do business loans need to be secured? It is a question that arises in the minds of business owners. We will discuss some of its benefits.

Loan approval chances are high:

Currently, financial institutions in Australia are trying to hedge their risks when lending to corporates. If you don't have a good credit history but would like to opt for a loan, you can opt for a secure business loan. The chances of it getting approved are higher.

Borrow a greater amount:

Studies have shown that the Australian market has a penchant for sustainable finance options. Lenders are now preferring to opt for security for business loans. Once you secure the loan with your asset, you can request a higher amount for your business growth. It will also depend on the collateral value.

Improve your credit profile:

If you have a non-existing credit history, you can use the secured and unsecured financial obligations to build one. However, making timely payments is also necessary to have a worthy credit profile.

Benefits of lower interest:

You can request the lender before finalising the collateral and lending agreements to extend a lower interest rate. The lender will be happy to oblige as they have hedged their risk against the business loan.

Incentivises the borrower to exert more:

One of the positive effects of security for business loan is that it entices the borrower to exert more effort. The collateral provided may be of much higher value to the business than the lender. As the business tends to work harder, the company's chances to succeed in meeting its objectives are more.


Businesses must look forward to various aspects to continue operations during tough times. They are always looking for funding to help them in business growth. One of the ways is to check the business loan security requirements and apply for it. The chances of having a secured loan approved are higher. It can provide the necessary resources for business growth.

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