Funding your Solar Business with Low Doc unsecured loan in Australia

Funding your Solar Business with Low Doc unsecured loan in Australia

Published on 2020-12-19

Category: Business Loans, Business Growth

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The solar business is growing at a faster pace with more households as well as businesses adopting green energy. Australia’s solar power market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 19.56%. During recent years, Australia more than doubled the amount of installed solar capacity. Presently, Australia possesses 372 large-scale solar power plants which show a vast growth in scale solar projects. It has been noticed that the solar industry got significant gains in Australia owing to the surge in demand from residential as well as commercial areas.

Obstruction in establishing a solar business

Every business needs finance & the same applies to a solar business. It can become difficult to expand a solar business to full prospects without the appropriate amount of funding. There is a requirement for a lot of equipment, some experienced staff & experienced technicians in a solar business. It can also become a costly proposition if you hire a vehicle each time. These hurdles can be removed by a small business loan for your solar business.  

You can easily buy the required equipment & can also pay your employees with a small business loan for your solar business. You can run your solar business in a flexible, dynamic, fast-moving environment. Expeditious growth needs streamlining existing systems from enhancing your resources to streamlining your business process.

Why wait? – Apply for a loan for your solar business.

Solar businesses have limited working capital & fewer funds to take new projects. A small business loan can help business owners carry all their solar business activities efficiently. At Capital Boost, we help you with secured as well as unsecured business loans to manage & expand your solar business. The lending specialists at Capital Boost examine your business & your requirement carefully & then recommend the right kind of finance for you.

You can avail a business loan that comes with competitive rates. We have precisely created business loans that come with a structured & flexible repayment & works with your budget. Get assistance on every step of your loan application process with our professional consultant to find the best loans for your business.

Looking to improve your cash flow?

Let us help you secure a business loan today

Success Stories:

Here are a couple of clients in the solar industry we helped get an unsecured loan for their business.

  1. Our new client in the solar services industry was looking at funds to meet operational expenses. The client landed on our website and filled out a loan application. Our lending specialist got in touch and secured the funds in just 3 days. 
  2. Referred by an accountant partner, our new client needed about $250K to fund a couple of new projects in the solar business. The only challenge was that there was already an existing loan of $180K with a lender. An additional amount was ruled out by the existing lender and the client was referred to us. Our team built a strong case to secure the loan in 3 days from a new lender on top of the existing loan.

Get in touch with us if you are looking at funds to grow your solar business. We will be happy to assist you.


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