3 Ways that Short-Term Funding Can Help You Out in an Emergency

3 Ways that Short-Term Funding Can Help You Out in an Emergency

Published on 2022-01-19

Category: Business Growth, Small Business Finance

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Businesses must have a steady flow of funds to carry out day-to-day operations. With funds being an essential means to manage a business, there are several crucial aspects when considering the source of those funds. Australian companies can choose from various options when looking for ways to fund their business. It could be through invoice financing or lines of credit.

There are several funding options, with short term funds being a crucial means to help during an emergency. Companies must finance their assets, like building their inventories, for prospects of improving revenues. We will discuss short-term funding and how it can help companies.

What is short term funding?

The short term finance is the procedure of funding the business operations from various short-term sources. These funding options are usually for a year and aids in creating a short term cash flow for the business. Senior management of companies can generate such funds, and the working capital financing can be used for receivables and addressing spikes in inventory requirements.

This form of financing is more straightforward for companies to qualify for and is quicker to fund. One of the reasons to opt for such funding is to get a loan quickly. Such financing is usually required for urgent working capital obligations. Companies can find it easier to qualify for such loans. With a more straightforward application workflow, these options have a faster funding turnaround time.

Why Would You Need Short Term Financing and how to Get Started with the Process?

Quicker access to funds

Whenever your company faces an emergency, you prefer business loans with a quick turnaround time. It will help you access an adequate volume of funds to tide over the crisis. For example, you must pay off a significant creditor in return for quick inventory to cater to seasonal demand. You can opt for short term financing that will readily give you access to the required amount of money.

Businesses feel the need to have a shorter turnaround time for having access to a reasonable volume of funds. The short term finance can also address immediate expenses for the company. There are several options available currently for companies of various sizes in Australia.

Easier loans for your business

Businesses opt for flexibility in loan applications. When opting for business loans, they will usually prefer ones that do not require much documentation. Banking norms have become more challenging in Australia, making smaller and even medium-sized businesses opt for short term financing. These business loans are easier to access, and entities with poor credit histories can benefit from them.

The lenders offer ample flexibility. The loan applications can be approved within a short time. Once the interest rates and the tenure are finalised, it is only a matter of time before you access the funds.

Helps to adhere to short-term goals

All businesses have pre-set goals that they need to achieve. They may wish to grow their distribution channel or address a targeted audience during a festival. It requires them to get a loan quickly. But business loans require too much documentation and a longer turnaround. It can also help to address day-to-day operations issues or more complex ones. Australian companies can fill loan applications for such short-term loans to help them tide over an impending crisis.

Getting started with short term financing opportunities

There are many credible lending partners who lend to small businesses in Australia. You must do some research on which lender is best suited for your loan requirement and apply with the relevant lenders. The application process is relatively simple and takes only a few minutes. You must upload a few related documents that help the lender assess your repayment capabilities. The easier way is to take the help of a business loan intermediary like Capital Boost that will help you ascertain your requirements before you apply for a business loan.The funds are made available to you in a matter of a couple of days usually.


Businesses can face tough times and may need access to small volumes of funds urgently. While the normal banking process requires an elaborate procedure for loan applications, your company can also apply for short term finance. However, you must cross-check the eligibility criteria before sending out the applications. If you qualify, keep in mind that the funds allocated can help to tide over a potential crisis.

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